Forestry press release no.1

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Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club Ltd. Willie Loughman Forestry Rally SUNDAY 10TH APRIL Press release no. 1 The Carrick on Suir Annual forestry rally, the Willie Loughman Memorial Forestry rally will take place on Sunday 10th April. The rally will be based in the Mill River Business Park, Carrick-on-Suir. The stages will run in the traditional areas in the Suir valley. The rally will take place over a route of approximately 45.38 stage kilometres and​ 92.50 road kilometres and will comprise of 6 Forest stages with two services, one after Parc Ferme out before SS1 and one after SS3 in Mill River Business Park. Cars in the Junior Class and the J1000 will compete in all the stages and kilometres listed above Mechanical scrutiny and Paper administration is on Saturday afternoon, Mill River Business Park. Regulations will be available on the club’s website, Shannon sport Evo /IT, and the Sportity rally app. Online Entries can be submitted through Postal entries to: Jessica Long, Rockville House, Carrick Road. Portlaw. Co. Waterford. X91 Y2F6. Cheques/Bank Drafts or Postal Orders should be made payable to: Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club Limited. Entry fees: Main field, €750.00, J1000, €495.00 including insurance levy. The rally is a round of two rally championships: Round 2. Irish Forest Rally Championship 2022, Round 2. Motorsport Ireland Junior Rally Series 2022 Joe O’Brien Secretary Carrick on Suir Motor Club Ltd. 086 315 4442 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Protocals for marshalls

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Protocols for Volunteers and Officials at the Ravens Rock Stage Rally 2020
 Person in charge: Assistant COC, Ann Marie Fitzgerald or persons designated by the Assistant COC.
Firstly, it is of the utmost importance that all Volunteers and Officials attending the event put their own safety as a priority and ideally if people from the same households could travel together to and from the event.  Additional to the normal procedures for helping and officiating they should always follow the current HSE/Government guidelines where practically possible.
Hereunder are the intended protocols which will be put in place at a minimum.
1. Exact number of V&Os required for the event will be established by the COC in conjunction with the Motorsport Ireland Safety Delegate prior to the event.
2. All V&Os will be required to complete and sign a Covid-19 Self Declaration Form 72 hours before attending (Wednesday the 07th of October), this signature will be considered as sign on to act at the event replacing the normal sign on procedures. 
3. All roles will be pre-assigned and advised.
4. Meeting point will be at the Racecourse in Tramore where attendees can socially distance. Non-contact temperature checks will always be carried out on entry to the facility. P.N should a temperature reading be recorded above 37.5 then the person will be asked to self-isolate in their own vehicle, drink fluids and be rechecked after 15 minutes. On the second check should the temperature remain above 37.5 then the Security Personnel will contact the Covid Compliance Officer by phone for further instructions.
5. Single use sanitised V&O packs will be provided to include the following:
a. Single use wrist bands (Access All Areas)
b. Briefing sheet
c. Event Pack
d. Masks
e. Gloves
f. Hand sanitising gel
g. Rubbish bags
h. Envelopes with each V&Os name containing reimbursement of expenses. 
6. V&Os meals or drinks will not be provided. We suggest that in the morning and evening whilst travelling to and from the event they purchase their own refreshments or meal from wherever they wish.  
7. During the running of the event the V&Os will carry out their normal duties for its safe running whilst keeping a safe distance from all other personnel.
8. The event is not being advertised nor are maps being published in the usual rally programme in order to discourage spectating.
9. Covid-19 signage will be in place at all venues to advise any potential spectators of the HSE protocols.   Therefore, we do not require V&Os to engage with spectators on the matter unless they feel their own welfare is in danger.  If this should happen, they should contact the Assistant COC immediately who will in turn take direction from the COC.
10. Please always wear your PPE where necessary and regularly sanitize your hands throughout the day.
11. In the event of any person feeling unwell during the event, please contact the Assistant COC immediately by phone who will in turn make the necessary arrangements for your safety and welfare. 
12. We would ask that all V&Os would avoid entry to the service area on Sunday the 11th  unless necessary as part of their role at the event. 
13. V&Os are asked to please leave the event when their role is carried out and we thank you all most sincerely for your help and co-operation.    
James Coleman (COC)
Ravens Rock Rally 2020.

Press release

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Covid-19 Update

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Dear Club Members,


After a very difficult time for us all we are finally seeing a return to some form of normality, Obviously it has been disappointing for us all that we couldn’t run our events to date with our Autocross and Ravens Rock having to be postponed.


Our normal monthly meetings including our AGM having to be put on hold but we are no different to any other club or voluntary body, We just had to take it as it came and hope for the best.


As you will see from the document attached an amount of work has being going on behind the scenes to allow us when the time was right to get our sport up and running again and I would like to think we as in Carrick on Suir Motor Club can run some events to cater for some of our disciplines between now and year end.


The timeframes we have to work to are set out below and I would firstly like to confirm to Motorsport Ireland that we do intend to run an event between now and year end, This puts us in a position to attend the dates meeting.


Over the coming days I would intend organising a zoom/teams meeting with the respective COCs and their teams to consider all options and possibilities for the months ahead, Once travel restrictions and meeting numbers are extended and increased I would hope to have a meeting in a warehouse unit if necessary to get things up and running again.


You will note MI are open to any additional suggestions for our sports return, Please send any suggestions to Ann Marie Fitzgerald in the coming days to allow her forward same to Motorsport Ireland.


In the meantime we will all keep up the good work to date and hopefully the worse is behind us.


James Coleman (Chairman)

Carrick on Suir Motor Club Limited.

Dear Clubs,

After several months, the possibility of motorsport returning is close to a reality and we must now prepare for what that will look like. As communicated previously, we have had a group working on the protocols that will be required when we do return, as it is obvious that lots of things will have to done differently going forward.

In order for each club to make an educated decision on the future of motorsport in their community, we now share that document with you. The attached “The Road to Return” document is designed to provide a practical approach to each procedure involved in the running of events within each discipline of our sport and should help clubs to make their decisions. This currently provides for the immediate return of single vehicle occupancy events only. However, we have included protocols for 2 person occupancy for when Government guidelines allow. “The Road to Return” document has been approved by Sport Ireland and we would welcome any further specific items from Clubs etc. that would enhance the protocols, as this will be a constantly changing document. Please send these by email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We will need each club that currently has a date on the 2020 calendar from July 18th to the end of the year to decide whether they are able to run those events, so that we can then compile a calendar based on that information.

The second thing we need to know from each club is whether you have a possibility of running any other events between July 18th and the end of the year, perhaps an event you have had to cancel or even another event completely. We can confirm that the insurance costs will remain as they are currently published for 2020. Please send all communication to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and request a confirmation of receipt.

Once we have this information, we can arrange a meeting of the affiliated clubs that are in a position to run events for the remainder of 2020 and compile a calendar. We plan to meet with those clubs on the 11th of July, but the venue cannot be fixed until we have a clear picture on the numbers and the guidelines for such meetings at that time. Should a club NOT reply within the timeline below then we will assume that they are not in a position to run any motorsport events for the remainder of 2020 and any dates that they may have had will be removed from the calendar.

The time-frames are:

29th June: This email and “The Road to Return” document circulated

5th July: Final date for replies from clubs

6th July: Invitation to the meeting and a revised calendar for 2020 circulated

11th July: Meeting with clubs (location TBC)

We will start the meeting of the 11th July in the morning and the intention is to have a calendar for the remainder of 2020 before we leave. Club representatives must have a mandate to make decisions on behalf of their club regarding dates for the remainder of 2020. Should space permit, two representatives will be allowed, but there will be ample break out times to allow representatives to hold zoom meetings or telephone calls with their fellow club directors to assist with decisions. Clubs must be able to confirm the availability of venues should their event require such and no date will be agreed if this information cannot be confirmed. When replying for the 5th July, clubs must name their number 1 and number 2 representatives, as due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendance might be limited to one person and will be strictly by invitation only.

We hope that this information clarifies how this procedure will happen. As has been said many times, we are a voluntary organisation so, to be very clear, no club or person is being forced to participate and each person must be responsible for their own choices, remembering that it is always a case of “Health First”.

John Naylor                                                  Leo Hassett

President,  Motorsport Ireland                 CEO, Motorsport Ireland   

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Senior Officials Training

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First Time Rally Senior Officials' Training

22nd of January 2017 in the offices of Motorsport Ireland, Dawson Street. 
The course beings at 9.30am and runs until 5pm
The course fee is €25
Parking and refreshments are provided. 
If you would wish to attend please complete the form at the below link:
Thursday the 8th of December in the Maldron Hotel in Portlaoise and 
Thursday the 12th of January 2017 in the offices of Motorsport Ireland, Dublin. 
Both courses run from 7pm to 10pm.
Parking and refreshments are provided.
If you would wish to attend please complete the form at the below link: 

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